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Since using the Respiratory/Sinus Infection essential oil blend I received from Leona at Release & Refocus Massage,  I have noticed a significant decrease in sinus drainage and have not experienced one sinus infection since I started using the oil blend in early 2015. Thank you Leona for introducing me to essential oils, I really appreciate this, it has helped me so much! And I feel so much better over all, I don't want to be a day without my essential oils.  


My name is Bill and I am a recent client of Leona LaRochelle’s, Release & Refocus Massage, Restoration to Body/Soul and Spirit.

I came to Leona with a chronic cough that only this year my primary care physician diagnosed as nothing more than allergies. The cough could at times become so uncomfortable that my head and chest ached. My physician prescribed Benzonatate capsules, Azithromycin tablets, and finally Fluticasone, a nasal spray similar to Flonase. In addition, I was taking over the counter drugs such as Dayquil and Nightquil to help me sleep as none of the prescriptions proved adequate. I also carried with me an assortment of cough drops.

Allergies are as much a part of living in the Sacramento area as the Sacramento and American Rivers. The fact is I had an annoying and persistent cough that would show signs as early as the Spring allergy season, and I needed reliable treatment to control its effects both during the day and at bedtime. Prescriptions did not seem to discourage my cough to the degree I felt was needed. Then I made an appointment with Leona. I had previously learned about Leona’s massage therapy, but when I discovered she had expanded her care practice to include custom oils and other non-traditional treatments for health and diet, I wanted to learn more.

After consultation, Leona introduced me to a specific oil treatment to address respiratory/bronchitis. The oil is intended to stimulate the immune system while clearing respiratory congestion. Today when I feel a cough mounting, I apply a few drops of the oil onto a cotton ball and slowly inhale the vapor. I will also apply two or three drops behind each ear before going to bed.  The result is I fall asleep without the interruption of coughing.  Thank you, Leona, for helping me when common prescriptions and temporary fixes don’t add up to the relief I needed!


September 12, 2015

Mother and Daughter Spa Day: This beautiful day is packed with a choice of specialty massages such as: the Chocolate; Earth Goddess; or Cellulite Massage. Or choose a Body Scrub such as: coffee-mocha sugar scrub; Brown Sugar scrub, soft glow salt scrub, Himalayan salt scrub. Then indulge in your senses in an aromatherapy face massage, infrared foot massage, detox foot bath, Infrared Sauna, Jacuzzi Whirlpool, Therapeutic Mineral bath.  And to top it off,  all day long plenty of  wholesome foods and drinks and smoothies to nourish your body.  A fantastic experience!!  Would recommend it for anyone who wants to escape from the everyday routine of life.  It will renew your body, soul and spirit!!!



June 9th 2014

I had been seeking relief for my chronic pain and as a Kaiser card holder, found Release & Refocus Massage through the Kaiser referral website.  I have been going once a month for a few months now, for treatment of my chronic pain due to Fibromyalgia.  The Raindrop Therapy was applied using essential oils for my specific needs; and I am now able to sleep at night and wake up feeling refreshed; I am very blessed to have found her!  I have and will keep referring others for treatment



March 14, 2013

My Husband had been suffering from migraines for the last 29 years, to the point that five out of seven days a week he would wake up with one. Most of the time nothing would get rid of the migrain; not even a trip to E.R.;  the treatment they provided wouldn't help for more than a few days. The migraines were from an old  water skiing injury.  After the very first Raindrop Therapy session, with a few Cranial-Sacral Techniques added, his migraines stopped!! To date, he has done four sessions of Raindrop Therapy; once a week, and has only had two very small headaches, NO Migraines in over a month!

I bought a Gift Certificate as a gift to my Husband for Valentines Day and our 29 th Anniversary.  I am so thankful that Leona has this to offer.  It has changed both our lives.  I myself do the Raindrop, because I had a back injury at the age of 18 and my back has gone out three times where I could not walk for days.  I am on my fourth treatment as well, and am amazed at how much better I can get around, and feel like I am getting my life back; freed from the daily pain I had been living with.  Thank you Leona for all the hard work you put into your work. 

Christine & Wayne 


Feb 6, 2013 

I have been a client of Leona's for about two years for both Massage & Raindrop Therapy.  Seeing her on a regular basis has done wonders for me! Last year I was plagued with upper respiratory infections that just wouldn't go away.  Leona suggested I try the Raindrop Therapy and it has made all the difference.  When everyone around me is getting sick with the flu, I've stayed in good health, and no more respiratory infections either. I attribute that to the on-going Raindrop Therapy I have been doing.  The Massages have been wonderful as well; they have improved my posture and gait.  I would highly recommend Leona's services. I consider her services an investment in my health.  



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