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About the Practitioner

Leona LaRochelle graduated September 14, 2011, from Fair Oaks Massage Institute. She received her State Certification from California Massage Therapy Council on August 16, 2012. September 1, 2013, was listed as a Practitioner with the American Specialty Health Group Network. October 22, 2013, became a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Council on Strength & Fitness; June of 2014, became a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner with LMT Success Group.  August 23, 2015, completed more studies in Myofascial Release: Fascial -Pelvis and Myofascial Release I, and has continued education with John Barnes, Myofascial Release Techniques.  Also studied in Aromatherapy and Essential Oils.  

Leona has studied numerous modalities and therapies including: Acupressure, Cranial-Sacral, Cupping, Hot Stones, Rain Drop, Shiatsu, Integrated Massage Therapy, Injury Management, Medical Massage, Myofascial  Release, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage.  And continues to study other areas of bodywork adding new modalities on a continual basis.

She believes  that in these stressful times it is essential to invest in preventative health care through the means of massage and bodywork.  Massage is a vital part of self-care reaping a positive ripple affect on our body and mind throughout all that we do.

Research continues to show the enormous benefits of touch - treating chronic diseases, neurological disorders, injuries, and alleviating the tensions of modern lifestyles. Regular massage treatments can help forestall illnesses and lost work time, improve decision-making skills, provide more energy and a clearer focus.

Leona provides  the ultimate treatment and care, helping people find relief from their pain and suffering; gain quality and abundance of life, and  makes life worth living again.

Not only is she a highly skilled massage therapist, but she is also a brilliant investment broker;  for less than a $100 bucks, she can make you feel like a million bucks! 


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